Sunday, May 17, 2009

Super Con Day 2

I'm glad to have gone to Super Con.  Not only did I get to meet the very person I went there to meet (Vic Mignogna), I also got to meet Crispin Freeman. P.S. A picture of Crispin can be seen here.  

Crispin was great - very funny.  His voice isn't quite as deep as I'd expected when he's talking normally.  Certainly not as deep as Tsume from Wolf's Rain or Amon from Witch Hunter Robin.  Let's see - he has incredible skin and looks so much younger than he actually is.  He does not look 37/38 years old.  What great genes.  In addition to that, he was dressed very nicely.  Excellent first impression.

What amazed me most is how intelligent he comes off - not because I didn't think voice actors would be, but just because he seemed more intelligent than the average person in general.  Crispin's a fountain of information - he talked about everything from vampires to Ents.  I definitely learned a lot.  I almost felt like I should have been taking notes.  He's working on a book right now - that's something I'm definitely going to read.

Oh, and he said that his favorite anime series is The Vision of Escaflowne.  Awesome! :)

Then in the afternoon, Vic did Part 2 of the FullMetal Alchemist Panel.  That was fun, of course.  Vic is such an entertaining person to watch and listen to.  One of my favorite answers:

Question:  If you passed one of your characters on the street?  i.e. What would you do if you passed Edward Elric?
Answer:  If I passed Ed on the street, I wouldn't see him because I would be looking up.

Poor Ed, getting grief about his height from his own voice actor. :P

He remembered me from yesterday, which was very touching.  It's really incredible that he takes the time to learn people's names and actually remembers him.  Just one of the many reasons he's my favorite.

I bought a Tsubasa poster featuring Fai, an Ouran poster (both of which Vic signed), an InuYasha poster, and a FMA wall scroll.  I also got another hug from Vic.

What a great weekend. :)