Monday, May 11, 2009

Distractions, Distractions

Why am I so easily distracted??  I have an ochem midterm tomorrow that I can't seem to focus on.  It just feels like there are so many better things to do.  Focus has never been my strongest suit.

Distraction #1:  Photography.  I took a walk around my neighborhood, snapping pictures as I went along.  A crow was following me for about fifteen minutes.  That was pretty odd.  But I did see some great stuff to take pictures of - I didn't photograph everything because I thought I might as well leave some for another time.

Distraction #2:  Yuri.  I just found out what this is.  Apparently yuri is lesbian anime/manga.  Who knew?  I saw the name of a cute-sounding anime:  Strawberry Panic.  I looked it up on Wikipedia and found out it's yuri.  I started watching it regardless because I just wanted to see how they handled this whole girl-girl relationship thing.  In my opinion, though, it seems like the girls who are the same age want to find a best friend and the younger girls want to find an older sister figure.  It doesn't really seem like romantic love to me.  But that's just what I think.  So after this, I've decided I'm not a yuri fan.

Distraction #3:  Internet.  There's so much to do!  Catch up on the news, Perez Hilton, FML, Overheard in New York, etc.  It isn't my fault.  Okay, fine, maybe it is.  Unfortunately Google Reader makes procrastination so much easier.

Distraction #4:  Manga.  I bought Fruits Basket volumes 21 and 22 (yay!!) at Borders and Barnes and Noble respectively (I had coupons for a certain percentage off on one item from both stores).  Volume 22 came with a "Shoujo Sampler," which basically meant it had a chapter from a few more Tokyopop Shoujo mangas.  I only read the included chapter for the first manga - Maid-sama!.  Oh...My...God... so addictive.  I immediately jumped online and started drinking it up.  So good.  I'm thinking of buying all these volumes too.  I also read the sample for Ng Life which seems hilarious.  The only good thing is I haven't started to read Fruits Basket Volume 12 yet because I know that would definitely distract me.  Then again, that might just be a case of delayed gratification.  In fact, it probably is.  P.S. Princess Ai is not as good as Tokyopop makes it out to be.  Sorry, Courtney Love.

Distraction #5:  Story.  All these amazing manga stories make my creative juices flow.  I want to write Chapter 9 so badly.  I also got an idea for another story that I'm excited to start writing.  Basically, including my current one, I have either three or four projects lined up - four if I decided to write the sequel to this one (which I'm leaning towards doing).