Thursday, October 1, 2009

DONE with Chapter Nineteen!

I think this chapter was especially hard for me to write for many reasons. My first isn't writing-related. I had to prepare to get back to school. Other than, however, this was the first chapter in Part Three and I had such a clear image of Chapter Nineteen that actually getting it out the way I had imagined was extremely difficult. I didn't get it out exactly the way I'd imagined either - I had to do some tweaking. I managed to get it out, however, and since I had vaguely planned out how Part Three is going to be, I need to finish plotting that out.

I'm shaking now, though, with the realization that I'm really almost done with this story. I can't believe it. Now that I'm so close, I really want to plunge into it and just finish. I have to study, of course. That is kind of important. But I'm going to make sure I write at least five pages everyday - more if I'm inspired.

I'm going to finish a novel.

This will honestly be the second full-length story I've ever finished in my life. The first one was when I was a freshman in high school. I'm not kidding.

Okay, maybe instead of writing about this story, I should actually go and write it!