Monday, August 24, 2009

I Had the Weirdest Dream Last Night

Parts of it were completely random, as dreams tend to be.  However, the strangest part of the dream was because of an oddly coherent segment.  And during this portion of the dream, I knew exactly what was going to happen next.  It was as though I were writing it as I slept.

I am seeing through the eyes of a girl named Mina, who has a mentally retarded older sister (who disappeared without a trace).  She transfers to a new school where she is snapped up by three super popular girls.  She's in class with all three of them and a cutie named Charlie (blonde hair, blue eyes - classic good looks).  While they are in class, a woman from the office c comes in to do a presentation.  The three girls don't want to watch the presentation (which isabout mentally disabled people), so they go to the bathroom, taking Mina along.

A girl comes up to the bathroom door while they're in there, fixing their makeup and whatnot and one of the girls (who looks strangely like Chastity from "10 Things I Hate About You" the TV show) squeals, "Lock the door!  Lock the door!  She's crazy!"  So, Mina locks the door.  Then she finds out that the girl is mentally retarded.  So, feeling bad, she opens the door.  She starts saying things such as, "I'm so sorry for closing the door" and "Wow, you're really, really pretty."  (She is pretty, with long dark hair and blue eyes) The girl responds, "Thank you, Mina." (Apparently everyone knows Mina, the transfer student)

They go outside and Charlie is there.  He takes the girl away, leading to the realization that she is his younger sister.  He doesn't even glance at Mina because several times it has happened that a girl is nice to his sister just to get close to him.

Mina, however, is determined to get to know his younger sister because she reminds Mina of her older sister, who she misses sorely.  So, she starts to spend time with her.  Eventually, Charlie also starts to spend time with the both of them of them.  There are even times when just Mina and Charlie hang out.  Of course, during this time, the two of them start to fall for each other.

The three girls find out and are jealous that Mina is spending time with Charlie, so they tell her not to hang out with Charlie's younger sister (apparently she isn't cool enough).  Mina is confused as to what she really wants - she wants to be friends with the three popular girls, but she does want to hang out with Charlie's sister.  The only problem with that is that sometimes hanging out with his sister makes her miss her own sister terribly.

Mina ends up standing up Charlie's younger sister.  He finds out and gets really upset.  Instead of yelling or anything, he coldly tells her not to bother coming around any longer.  Mina keeps trying to talk to Charlie and apologize for her lapse in judgment.

She runs into his little sister at school and realizes she's the one who needs an apology.  Charlie's little sister is very forgiving and says she just wants to be able to hang out with her friend again.  Charlie realizes he can't protect her forever, no matter how hard he tries.  So, he grudgingly lets Mina hang out with her again - although that doesn't mean he's forgiven Mina.

Mina apologizes to him and explains her situation, with her older sister and everything.  Charlie is shocked and not only forgives Mina, but comforts her too.

The End.

I seriously can't believe I dreamt this.  It has some plot holes, but it makes complete sense.